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Explore the great outdoors with Camping Club Youth, a place where you can meet new people, improve your camping ability, show off your sporting talent, try new things and have fun doing it.


We know that, as parents, you want your child to be open to great opportunities that can shape them into strong and independent young adults. We aim to help your child to build their confidence and develop important skills for adult life.

You can log into your member's area on The Camping & Caravanning Club website to find out more.

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The adventure starts here...


Do you have children aged between 8-11 years that enjoy camping and want to make new friends? Would they like to sleep out with friends in their own tent in a Junior Youth area which is close to parents' caravans and is supervised by appointed Junior Youth leaders?


If the answer is yes, then come along to one of our meets and ask to be directed to the Junior Youth area where the leaders will introduce themselves and your children will be made very welcome. The Junior Youth encourages children to develop basic camping skills, such as stove cooking, country code awareness, tent pitching as well as enjoying fun activities like rounder’s matches and family walks, so it is a great opportunity for them in many ways. Best of all they get to make new friends and have a great camping time.


Camping Club Youth (also called CCY or Youth) is The Camping and Caravanning Club’s group for young people aged between 12 and 17 years old. At CCY, we like to think that our members have a place where they can gain independence, learn a wide variety of skills that will help them in all walks of like, make lifelong friends, and have fun doing it. 


Getting involved in CCY can make a difference to college and job applications too. It shows awillingness to seize opportunities, be adventurous, take ownership and be proud of what you can accomplish. It is a place where your child can meet people from across the country giving them the opportunity to understand a variety of cultures and gain the desirable social and communication skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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It's all about the Youth!

As a member of Leeds DA's Youth, you will have the opportunity to camp in our Youth areas almost every weekend from March through to November. If you camp regularly, you will qualify for subsidised trips to other Club events. Each year there are special rallies organised purely for our Youth - a Winter rally, Regional rally, National rally and International rally.


Youth members are given the opportunity to take their "Camping Test". This involves demonstrating their ability (following training) to camp independently. If the test is passed before the age of 18 then you gain FREE membership to the age of 25. Youth between the age of 18-25 are called Young Campers. You can also apply to become a mentor between the age of 18 and 21. The application form can be found from the link above.

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