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We know that, as parents, you want your child to be open to great opportunities that can shape them into a strong and independent young adult. We aim to help your child to build their confidence and develop important skills for adult life.

Camping Club Youth (also called CCY or Youth) is The Camping and Caravanning Club’s group for young people aged between 12 and 17 years old. At CCY, we like to think that our members have a place where they can gain independence, learn a wide variety of skills that will help them in all walks of like, make life long friends, and have fun doing it. 


Getting involved in CCY can make a difference to college and job applications too. It shows awillingness to seize opportunities, be adventurous, take ownership and be proud of what you can accomplish. It is a place where your child can meet people from across the country giving them the opportunity to understand a variety of cultures and gain the desirable social and communication skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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As a member of Leeds DA's Youth, you will have the opportunity to camp in our Youth areas almost every weekend from March through to November. If you camp regularly, you will qualify for subsidised trips to other Club events. Each year there are special rallies organised purely for our Youth - a Winter rally, Regional rally, National rally and International rally.


Youth members are given the opportunity to take their "Camping Test". This involves demonstrating their ability (following training) to camp independently. If the test is passed before the age of 18 then you gain FREE membership to the age of 25. Youth between the age of 18-25 are called Young Campers. You can also apply to become a mentor between the age of 18 and 21. The application form can be found from the link above.

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We also have a very active Junior Youth section for young people between the ages of 8 and 12 years old.





If you would like more information on the Youth section, please contact our Youth Leaders

Your youth leaders are Richard & Alison Burgin, assisted by Paul Holgate & Claire Phillips, Tim & Cat Darnborough, Phil Turner & Jackie Williamson & Jo Buckley & Daryl Crossley.


07908 143 980

Youth events are usually pre-booked. For more information please contact the Youth Leaders

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"I keep going on about it so I apologise to those who find it boring but Leeds DA’s junior youth and youth are the pride of the DA.


Every year we have our annual youth fundraiser over the Spring Bank Holiday weekend at Fraisthorpe. It’s an event which I feel defines us as a DA when quite literally the whole DA throws themselves into helping whether that be Running stalls at the Penny Fair, selling raffle ticket, baking cakes, helping at the bar or café, cutting hair, providing professional massages or even cooking Thai food. 


This year saw new youth leaders on the job and like every other Youth Leader I’ve known, Richard and Alison Alison Jane Burgin were nervous. They were worried because a huge £3600 had been raised in 2017 and a further £2900 in 2018.  A tough act to follow and made much more challenging as a result of Fraisthorpe becoming a booked meet with 100 less units. Nevertheless their work in the lead up, inspiring a new and enthusiastic team was exceptional. 


It was fantastic to see the youth on stage at The Bogie Race revealing this years total and at this juncture I would like to thank unsung hero – Leeds DA treasurer Andy Townend for successfully providing an accurate figure so quickly (particularly given that he was ill for the week). 


I was hopeful that it would be a good total but if I’m honest the total shocked me and reflects the outstanding work undertaken. So, the total ended up being a whopping new record at £5858.01. However, a further raffle took place at the Bogie Race Meet which bumped the total up to £6044.01 (of which £1134.49 was bar profit).


This really is an exceptional total and is money which will be invested in our youngsters. Some may ask why we need so much. Well, the reason is pretty simple, our youth section is expanding incredibly rapidly with a stunning 38 new youth having joined in 2019 taking our total youth membership to 56 with a total of 64 different youth having camped in Leeds DA youth areas for a combined total of 498 unit nights.


What a first 5 months in the job Richard, Alison and your whole team. The youth are incredibly lucky to have you all.  Take a bow and be very proud"

 Every year the Camping Club Youth attend youth rallies locally, nationally and every easter internationally.  Talented Sheffield DA youth member Amy Bingham has kindly given us permission to share her video's which give a great insight as to what goes on on a youth rally. Aside from the obvious enjoyment being had, please take note of how orderly and tidy the youth keep the sites.  This is a reflection on what a fantastic respectful group they are. Leeds DA are extremely proud of our youth section, they really are a credit to the club.   

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