This is it! This is the regional if not national

meet that everyone is genuinely talking about...

THE 28th Annual

Bogie Race 

Bogie Green_edited.png

What's not to love? Besides the usual camping antics, contestants come from all over the UK to attempt to win The Bogie Race. Men & women hurtling down a field on their own custom built traditional made bogies.


Now we're not saying go find an old fashioned pushchair, nab the wheels and make one, but if you have never attended this meet your missing out.

Spectators and racers enjoy all there is to offer, with local attractions such as the National Coal Mining Museum just 2 minutes down the road.

£12 PUPN

Race Day is Saturday 3 sept

Denby Ln, Grange Moor, Wakefield WF4 4BJ

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