Ok, you've got your caravan, tent or motorhome and are ready to venture out, but where should you go? DA's offer great weekends (or longer) away with great flexibility and freedom at fantastic value for money. Here's some information that may help you.....

We are The Friendly Club and want you to enjoy your stays with us and for the comfort and safety of yourselves and your fellow campers we do have some site rules that you need to adhere to.​



  • 'Unbooked' Weekend pop up sites and Pop up sites are 'open field' which means you can park your unit anywhere in the allocated site as no spaces are reserved and not permitted to be 'saved' in advance or on arrival. The Steward will advise you as to a location to best suit your needs


  • 'Booked' Sites - These must be booked in advance as places may be limited. A space for your unit will be allocated and you will be directed to it by the Steward


  • All rubbish must be taken home with you at the close of the meet unless stated otherwise. Pop up sites have waste bins due to the longer nature of the meets.


  • Waste water must be collected in a suitable receptacle and must not be allowed to foul the ground


  • Please remember to bring your own toilet. No part of any toilet should be taken to a drinking water tap


  • Open fires are not permitted


  • All quiet on site after 11pm


  • All units must place a bucket of water outside their unit in case of fire


  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and Poo disposed of immediately and responsibly. Dogs must not be taken into the marquee (guide dogs excepted)


  • Respect must be shown to the landowners property and all 'out of bounds' areas observed


  • Leeds DA permit the use of generators between the hours of 11.00am – 12.00 noon and 5.00pm – 6.00pm. They should be used with care and not left running unnecessarily. (Other DA’s may have different regulations re generators)


  • There is a maximum speed limit on site of 5mph. Please keep to this limit and keep traffic movement to a minimum


  • No driving on site between 11.00pm and 7.00am


  • No smoking and no dogs in the marquee or any other buildings being used


Remember, we have all been first time campers at some point in time and we remember what it is like, so please do not struggle with anything. If you need any help, please speak to us. We are a friendly group and we will help however we can.
If you let your site steward know you are new to camping, they will also offer any assistance you need.

 After much deliberation, the Leeds DA committee have agreed a reward scheme designed to be of most benefit to our regular weekend meet supporters. Every member will be entitled to a reward card. On the card there will be space for members to collect 10 points. Every weekend meet camped at will be worth 1 point. Once all 10 points have been collected the card will be replaced with a voucher for £20 which can be used at any Leeds DA Pop up holiday site or at the annual Leeds DA dinner dance.


Below are the scheme rules;
  • The scheme is rolling so as soon as you get to 10 points you can redeem your completed card and start collecting again.

  • Only one point can be collected per weekend meet (unless otherwise stated) - please ask the steward to sign your card. No points will be awarded at Pop up holiday sites (over 5 night sites).

  • It is a member's responsibility to ensure that their reward card is signed.

  • A completed reward card may only be redeemed at a Leeds DA Pop up holiday site or Dinner dance and only one Reward Card can be redeemed per unit per event.

  • One point will be issued per unit per meet attended regardless of how many nights camped.

  • The committee reserve the right to withdraw or amend the scheme at any time without prior notice.

  • Reward Cards have no cash value.

  • Lost cards will not be replaced. In the event of a lost card a new (blank) one can be issued.

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