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Our reward scheme is designed to be of most benefit to our regular Weekend Meet supporters. Every member is entitled to a reward card. On the card there is space for you to collect 10 points. Every Weekend Meet camped at will be worth 1 point. Once all 10 points have been collected the card will be replaced with a voucher for £20 which can be used at any Leeds DA Meets or Temporary Holiday Sites. This now also includes Special Events like The Bogie Race and The Dinner Dance.

If you don't have one yet please ask the steward the next time you are on a site.

LDA Reward Card 20212.jpg
LDA Reward Card 2021.jpg


The scheme is rolling so as soon as you get to 10 points you can redeem your completed card and start collecting again.

Only one point can be collected per weekend meet (unless otherwise stated) - please ask the steward to sign your card. No points will be awarded at Temporary Holiday Sites (over 5 night sites).

It is a member's responsibility to ensure that their reward card is signed.

A completed reward card may only be redeemed at any Leeds DA site.

One point will be issued per unit per meet attended regardless of how many nights camped.

The committee reserve the right to withdraw or amend the scheme at any time without prior notice.

Reward Cards have no cash value.

Lost cards will not be replaced. In the event of a lost card a new (blank) one can be issued.

How to submit your completed reward card 

Please email our bookings officer at and attach photos of your completed card (both sides). You will then receive further instructions.

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