You may come across some terminology and wonder what on earth it all means! Here is a quick guide to some of the most common things you might see and hear.


District Association. You will be assigned a DA upon registering with the club. You are usually placed with a DA that is near to where you live. Once you are a club member, you can camp with any DA.


The UK is split into geographical Regions covering the local DA’s. We are part of Yorkshire Region.


This stands for Temporary Holiday Site. These are again organised by individual DA's and Regions,  but are available for longer periods of time, usually a week or more. You can camp at any point during the time a THS is open.


These are usually weekend meets organised by individual DA's around the country. These are also referred to as 'rallies'.


This is where you will enjoy the lovely task of emptying your chemical toilet. There will be an Elsan point at every meet.

Grey Water

Grey water is the waste water that comes from your unit. This will need to be collected in a suitable container and disposed of correctly in accordance with the land owners directions. This can sometimes be in the hedgerows of the field you are camping on. Grey water should not be left to drain straight onto the grass.


The steward is the person who is in charge of the meet or THS. This is who you will see as you enter the camping area and to whom you will pay your fees. You must report to the Steward before camping. They will also inform you of any events or social get together that may be happening. The stewards unit will be clearly marked. This is who you see if you have any questions or problems whilst on site.


This is the term used for your choice of accommodation, whether it is tent, caravan, motorhome, trailer tent, camper van or folding caravan.


This mean electric hook up but most meets and THS's do not offer due to the locations we use, if electric hook up is available it will be stated in the meets page and dairy


PRO stands for Public Relations Officer

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