Camping At Reasonable Expense

The Leeds DA committee is acutely aware that 2021 and beyond has the potential to see a very tough economic climate and one where, through no fault of their own, some of our members may fall on hard times. It is with this in mind that we are determined to do everything in our power to support those members and give them the opportunity to keep camping.


To facilitate this, our C.A.R.E sites will be on a pay as you feel basis. On these meets a bucket will be placed outside the steward’s unit on the Sunday morning before everyone leaves. Members will be asked to place an envelope in the bucket, with what they can afford in, before they leave. They should not put their name or any identifying mark on the envelope, the process will be completely anonymous. For those who have hit hard times, this envelope can and should be left empty. We hope that those in a more fortunate position will pay what they feel the site has been worth or what they can afford.


We have been very well supported by landowners who have bought into this idea, all of whom have agreed to a fixed fee (as opposed to usual unit night rates), so we are able to limit the DA’s potential loss. However, our members generosity never ceases to amaze us and so, to take the concept one step further, if the amount received exceeds the overheads for the site any monies taken will be accepted as donations to The Chairman’s Charity. In other words, if we have agreed to pay a landowner £500 and receive envelopes with cash of £800, the £300 surplus will go to charity.


The initial meets which will fall under the C.A.R.E scheme will be:


Skipton Auction Market (29th-31st Jan)

Wetherby Racecourse [AGM] (5th-7th Mar)

Major Bridge Park (21st-26th April)

Long Marston (1st-3rd Oct)


It is our hope that this facility might allow some members and families to get out even in the most testing of times. Please also note that even in the event that you cannot afford to keep your unit, Leeds DA has some supplies and plenty of contacts who will no doubt be very willing to loan you tents, cookers etc etc.

It is our sincere hope that we have got this horribly wrong and that not one single member falls on hard times. Nothing would make us happier but if the worst does happen, we want everyone to know that Leeds DA really do - CARE.

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